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Hello Everyone!

I can't believe that I am finally getting around to share my NY trip posts with you... I sure took my sweet time didn't I? I was just going to say that it's been a month since we went, until I realized that it's already December! Happy First Day of Winter btw! And before anyone says anything... I grew up in Russian where by December 1st there was at least 13 inches on the ground already. So, December 1st will forever be the first day of winter for me (plus it already snowed twice).

Outfit Details



Ok, I guess this is the part where I tell you about my trip.
Well.. our trip was a bit of a disaster. And not because something bad happened, but because it wasn't very well planed. I had all these places I wanted to visit and to eat at, but I didn't realize how big New York is, and how far all those places were. So, needless to say, we didn't get to visit half the places on my list. By the way, those estimate times you get on your gps/google maps/maps are beyond wrong. We were late everyday, everywhere.

Buckle Boots



Ok, who else is living for snake prints? 
I am no stranger when it comes to animal prints, but snake skin had been my print of choice lately. I think it is the most settle out of the animal prints and therefore, is a little more wearable. Btw, I really wanted to buy theses snake print boots while I was in NY, but I didn't. And all because I broke my own rule and brought my husband to the store with me...


Btw, although it's hard to tell by looking at these pictures, it's actually raining. Actually, the weather wasn't that great through the whole trip. It was foggy (more about that in my next post), rainy and cold.

Here are few other snake skin items I purchased in the past month.

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