How to Rock an Over-Sized Blazer Like a Girl Boss

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Happy Monday everyone!

When I was editing the pictures last night, I had all these great ideas of what I am going to talk to you all about. But, as I am typing this post, everything I was going to say had completely evaporated from my head. And all I can come up with is: how miserable the weather is right now (it actually snowed today), and that my B-day is in 2 days. So, I think we should fast forward both of those topics and talk about my outfit instead. Or more specifically about the over-sized blazer trend.

Over-sized blazers and coats have a very bad "rep" among the general public. 
It is believed that over-sized blazers and coats are very tricky and require a somewhat of a specific height to look right on...But that doesn't have to be so. Here are few tips on how to rock the over-sized trend as a boss. 
  •        Make sure you get the blazer as close to your true size as possible. In other words, if you wear size M, then don’t size up to L or XL. If you are purchasing an oversized blazer/coat, it’s already loose enough, and by going up in a size or two might make you appear sloppy. One of the great places to shop for the cloths that range in sizes is ASOS. They carry tall, petite, plus, regular and even maternity.      
  • Try to belt your blazer. Belts are amazing. They can really “pull” and polish the whole look. I don’t have much of a waist, so I belt a lot of my clothes to create an appearance of one.
  • Don't wear bulky cloths underneath your blazer. 

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