Some Like it Hot: Cap Sleeve Dress

12:29 AM

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Another day, another summer look. And by the way, let me emphasis on the word summer here. Because, lets face it, unless all of you fall vibing beauties live in Canada, fall isn't going to move into the south until mid October. I mean, it was 85F on my wedding day (October 29th) last year. But, my Instagram (IG) is full of nothing but boots and sweaters. Personally, I am all for being ahead of the trend, but not when it's 90F with that sweater all but melting of your back. Now, before someone says something about the West Coast weather... there is no help for you guys. When it's 60F in July you know that all is lost for you. At least in my eyes since, this chica likes it hot.

Anyways, on another note, who else had been swooning over the cap sleeved anything? This girl! And do you know what that means? There will be a lot of cap sleeves coming your way. But as far as my dress goes, it sold out in days (well, after it got reduced to $12). My earrings and shoes are also about to sell out, since they are on major sale right now. So, act fast ladies. And if you want to stay current with my day to day looks and sales, follow me on Instagram, since, I update daily.

Outfit Details

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  1. Such a cute summer dress. I love the blush color and you look great in it!

  2. You look so gorgeous, babe! I LOVE these cap sleeves on you. This is the perfect dress for right now.

  3. I love this dress, but I especially love the earrings! I love that you are still showing summer looks. It's over 100 degrees where I live, and all I'm seeing is sweaters and boots.

  4. Okey seriuosly, $10! How fantastic is that!! What a cute outfit!


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