Wild Sunflowers

1:13 AM

Hello Everyone!
Look who is back...!
 I know, this is at least the 5th comeback I've had this year alone. I swear, I am neck in neck with the Terminator and all his "come-backs". And yes, I am going there, with the Terminator jokes. Since, I get asked to so say "I will be back" every time someone discovers I'm part Russian. Btw, for those who doesn't know Arni is from Austria (and I don't speak German)... 

Now, that we got that weird intro out of the way, lets talk about my fun outfit. Originally. I was going to wear this look to the fair, but on the day we were supposed to go it rained. Then, Z couldn't get off work, and then I had to study for the test. Needless to say, we missed fair this year. But since, I spent forever steaming this dress, I was dedicated to find a reason to wear it. 

And the reason never came... So, like a true extra that I am, I went exploring the wild sunflower fields by our house in the white maxi dress... Let me say this... It was not one of my finest ideas. 3 words "Red Eath Tera"... and I'll just leave it at that (Btw, guess where it's from.).

Outfit Details

Dress: Lovers+Friends // Jacket: Forever 21 // Boots: Hunter // 

And because I got carried away with editing these photos here are "few" more.

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