Teddy Bear Sweater, Clear Bag and the Serious Shades [New York Adventures]

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Hello Everyone!
Since, in my previous post I promised to tell you more about the bad weather, I am skipping straight to day 3. Day 3 was probably the most disappointing day, since we couldn't get on Top of the Rock due to the white out. The worst part is that it was our second attempt to get on top of the Rockefeller center. The first time we tried to go all the tickets were sold out. So, we purchased tickets for the next day. But, when we got there the next morning, the attendants told us that the visibility is 0 and that we should come back tomorrow. The next day was no better, so we ended up never going. Luckily those tickets are good for a whole year...

Outfit Details

There are two things that I am currently obsessed with: teddy bear anything and clear bags. Although, majority of people I know find clear bags ugly, I can't stay indifferent about them, since, they remind me of my childhood. But as far as the teddy bear coats/sweaters go, no one can dislike those (And if you do you, then I don't want to know you anymore lol).They are simply amazing. They are the softest thing you would ever lay your hands on. And, they are also warm. Aaaand this is why I bought 3 teddy coats in the past 2 weeks...

Teddy Bear Coats


By the way, have any of you got on the 80s-90s style glasses trend? Obviously I did, but what do you all think? Yey or Ney. So, if you want to "throw some shade" on the budget,  I am linking the sunnies I am wearing in this post and few other fun frames I own bellow.

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