Hunter Boots vs Joules: Rain Boots for Wide Calves Comparison

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Hello Everyone!
Guess what day is today? It's my Birthday!

For today's post, I decided to do something different which is a comparison and a review of the rain boots for the wide calves.
 All my life I've suffered with the size of my calves. And although, I am currently wearing US size 4 the circumference of my calves is 16 inches. What makes finding a pair of rain boots a bit of a challenge. My first experience with the rain boots was very disappointing. "Few" years back for my Birthday my mom got me a pair of Hunters in a hunter green. (By the way, who remembers the day when they came only in 2 colors?) And imagine my disappointment when I put them on, and they looked like a pair rubber socks. So after that, I completely gave up on owning rain boots until Hunter released their huntress lines. Today, you can find multiple styles and brands with lines made for larger calves.
Today, I decided to discuss the two most popular and pinned brands: the Joules and the Hunters. Both of these brands have more than one style of rain boots that claim to be designed for a larger sized calves. So, lets see how they all compare.

Joules "Welly"

Among all the rain boots I own (and I own 6), these are my least favorite. They are not suitable for large claves. The adjustable part is only there for esthetic purposes. The rubber is very soft, so they don't keep shape as well as the other boots. But at the same time, the said softness makes them relevantly light. They are also the least expensive.

Hunter "Huntress"

These boots were the first rain boots that made feel "normal". They are actually made to fit calves 16" and larger. The only downside is their height. They are few inches shorter than the original tall and so, they can't be worn with hunter socks. They also might appear quite unflattering on (depending on the shape of your legs).

All hunter boots (except for the packackable) are made out of thick and quite ridged rubber making them relevantly heavy.

Hunter " Original Adjustable"

These are my all time favorite boots! They are tall, glossy and fit my large calves with some space to spear. The only downside is that they come predominately in unconventional colors. I am really hoping that they will eventually be released in candy red. They are also more expensive than the original tall. I haven't tried wearing them with hunter socks yet, but I don't think they would look right even though the length is.


So, ladies, if you are looking to buy a pair of rain boots don't cheap out and get Hunters!
 If you are on the lower end of the extended sizes (like me), you can also try these boos.

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