3 Basic Rules to Mix Print Outfits

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Hello Friends! Today, I am sharing another idea for the mix print outfit and tackling the ultimate question of how to decide which prints go well together.
When it comes to putting my outfits together, I follow only one rule: "More is more". I love colors, statement pieces and bold prints. So, In my rule book it's not the question of which prints go together, but how you mix them. If you stick to these 3 rules, you will always "nail" your mix print look.  
1. Mix large and small prints. Balancing you prints, will let you get a way with the corkiest pattern combinations.
2. Use the same print but in different colors. You will create interesting contrast without looking too over the top. I find this mirror effect to work best on the geometric patterns like the polka dot or the gingham prints.
3. Compliment your colors. If you follow the most basic color story, your outfit will put itself together.
But the most important part of any outfit is your own confidence. Remember, you are dressing up for yourself, and not for the other people.

Outfit Details

Bag: Prada (HERE or HERE) // Top: (HERE/HERE/) // Skirt: H&M (HERE/HERE) // Watch: Michael Kors // Bracelet: Factory // Earrings: Loren Hope // Sunglasses: Karen Walker  // Shoes: ( HERE/HERE/HERE)

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