A Hint Of Glamour: Velvet Maxi Dress with Tobi

1:40 PM

Oklahoma did it again. We went straight from the winter coats and into the short shorts. Well, some people went for the short shorts... Yours truly doesn't wear shorts.  I am on the curvier side, therefore, shorts isn't an option to me. But don't get me wrong, I didn't give up on them because I am self conscientious about my body. It's just that when you have thicker legs those shorts will ride anytime you walk (at least they do on me). And since, I find picking cloths out of any crevices very unappealing, I decided to avoid wearing shorts. 

Now that we got that embarrassing fact out of the way, lets talk about my gorgeous tobi dress. I am absolutely in love with it. It looks expensive (while being only $23 ) and extremely flattering. It is on th sexy side, but not to the extend where its indecent.  For those who isn't huge fan of pink this dress also comes in 3 different colors. 

I am also linking few other similar dresses with different degree of coverage bellow.  

Huge thanks to tobi for this and other gifts.

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