Quilted Jacket | An Early Spring Look

11:49 PM

Happy Tuesday everyone!

For today's post I am wearing my all time favorite quilted coat. And yes, it might look very familiar to some of you. I shared it several times in my stories and in an earlier blog post (read it here). And although, I try not to repeat the same looks, I was in the mood of something springy and this coat is a definition of spring.

And since, we are on the subject of coats, I have a confession to make... Growing up, I hated quilted style coats and jackets. I would had rather stayed at home, then wear it outside (long story...). But, lets's be honest here, until recently quilted coats were ugly and very unpopular. Does any of you remember they way they used to look back in the 80-90s? Ugh, I am old! And Ugh to the jackets.  Luckily, the quilted coats had a major make over over the years.  And as the preppy style made a heroic come back in 2005(thank you Gossip Girl), so did the quilted coats.

By the way, don't let the cheerful cacti and Easter friendly colors in this post fool you. I am actually on the verge of hypothermia here... Beauty has no pain or in my case feels no cold. Well, it does, but I am trying to ignore it.


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