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I hope the New Year got of to a good start for you all!

Who misses the holidays already? I am!
I know it's only been few days since the New Years, but difference is so starch. Everything is looking bare, sad and cold. The decorations and pretty lights are mostly down. And had anyone noticed the complete absence of anything eatable in the office? Compared to the cornucopia that the common area used to be, now you wont find even a stale cracker laying around.

Well, it's been a bit longer than few days since the holidays....
My life 've been crazy busy these past few weeks with work, school (UCO started classes on the 8th), and maid of honor duties. So, I had to take a little break from my hobbies, gym and other fun things to accommodate all this hardcore "adulting". And, although, I am super behind on this post (since, my first paragraph was written almost 2 weeks ago), I decided to keep it, because the sentiment of cold, bare and hungry days can't be truer the deeper we get into the January.

As far as my outfit goes, I am doing a bit of a dressy take on the everyday pants/sweater look. Unlike the muted monochromes that are the colors of choice for the work or the office friendly outfits, I decided to go big and bold. The orange and purple are very bright and "in your face" colors when worn separately, but worn together, they seem to mute each other making the outfit wearable. Wearability is always a big aspect of an outfit for me. I love taking chances with colors, patterns and textures. But when combining the three I always have to make sure that the outfit doesn't look like a costume. It's fun to be fashion forward and stylish, another to look like you are about to perform Shakespeare in the park.

By the way ladies, have you noticed my cute clutch? This leather beauty by Hummit had been my go to date night bag for few months now. The modern details like over-sized zippers and studs make it look edgy, while the classic black makes it very chic. I especially love how soft the leather is. I usually wear it as a shoulder/crossbody rather than the clutch.


Outfit Details

Huge thanks to Hummit for my beautiful bag.

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