All White For The New Year's Eve

11:25 PM

 Happy New Year's Eve Everyone!
And yes, this Chica is sitting on her computer blogging at 11 pm on New Years Eve. Can we spell "having no life", right? To be honest, Zack and I did have plans for the NYEs, but when did anything that I've ever planned went how it was suppose to go? (Wow, that was a lot of words) At the last minute we found that Zack has to go in to work and I woke up with a cold. So, I decided to just stay at home and catch up on some Fixer Upper and drink lots and lots of hot chocolate.

Now, lets talk about my outfit. I decided to channel my inner Brazilian girl and share an all white look for the last outfit of 2017. In Brazil it's customary to wear white for New Years. And since, I am skipping the NYs and all the sequin and glitter that goes with it, I thought I'll share something white instead. This adorable cardi had been worn and re-worn so many times that I am truly surprized that only now it's making an appearance. That said, I know that the past few days we've been absolutely freezing, and camis and cardis are totally out of the question especially to majority of you. But hey, nothing a cute parka or coat can't fix.

Happy New Year! I hope 2018 will bring you more joy, love and a lot of blessings!

Outfit Details

Sweater (only $34) // Necklace // Sunglasses (A $13 designer dupe) // Bag // Earrings

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