Menswear Inspired Coat for Christmas

2:42 AM

Happy Thursday Everyone!
So, we are in this weird in between the holidays period when you have no idea what to do with yourselves, since, Christmas is over, but it's not yet a New Year. And although, some of you (including myself) had to go to work on Tuesday or Wednesday, you just aimlessly roam around the halls. Am I right? That said, I would rather float from room to room like a ghost of the past Christmas, than be hard at work behind my desk.
And talking about past Christmas... This is the look I wore to the annual Christmas day get together on Monday. I didn't want to go all NYFW on Zack's poor grandma, so I opted out for my everyday look of jeans and oversized sweater. But my coat was the true star of this look. I got this "baby" few years back when menswear wasn't popular. And, it only took two years for this coat to become fashionable. So, what does it mean kids? Invest in classic pieces.

Menswear Style Coats

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