Not Your Basic Tee

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Today, I am stepping out of my pumps and into something more comfortable. To be honest, it's almost impossible to catch me in heels during the school/work week. And believe it or not, but during "off days" this chica is all about her oversized tees and comfy shoes. And there is nothing more iconic than an oversized college (or school) tee. Ok, maybe not iconic ( especially for some) but defiantly the most worn article of clothing in your closet. I wore and washed some of my school's tees so much, they can't even be used for rugs. But we all know, that until they will literally fall apart, those shirts will never be thrown away. Since, there is nothing more comforting than an old tee. 

That said, there is nothing more UN-STYLISH than your school spirit t-shirts. Because, before they became your "comfort animal", they were unflatering, anamorphic and itchy (lets not forget how coarse the cotton on some of those shirts is) torture traps. And if not for our school's pride or love for sports, something that ugly would have never graced the inside of our closets. But ladies, I got your back on all of those fronts. Today, I am bringing you the best school's tee EVER! It's soft, it's light and it's SOO on point it will cut! I personally haven't seen a more stylish t-shirt in my life... I mean, talking about not your basic tee here. It looks like something you see on Pinterest and go "Oh, wish my school tees looked like that!" Well, I guess fabulous team at Kickoff Couture thought the same, because they came out with a whole line of chic college (and state) apparel. 

So, if you are not a proud Bronco (like I am), I would highly recommend visiting Kickoff Couture page and browsing through the collections. They have "TONS" of adorable university, state and local apparel. Personally, I've always being a huge fan of Kickoff Couture clothing, and predominately picked their items for all my Oklahoma and UCO "gear". 

Outfit Details

Shoes: Addidas // Bag (Similar: One/Two

Huge thanks to Kickoff Couture for partnering up with me on this post. 

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