The Mixed Print Look

3:39 AM

Happy Friday Everyone! 
We finally made it to the weekend.  
Today, I am going with the classic mixed print look of plaid and floral patterns. It's among my favorites for spring and summer, since it gives out that a summer in the country feel. I didn't grow up in the country exactly. There were no sprawling fields or hay bales (aka the tator-tots), but my grandma's house was in the rural part the city where we grew own own fruits and vegetables and knew everyone for miles. But if table cloths and fields isn't your thing, you can go with any other patterns such as stripes and florals, leopard, polka dots, or whatever pattern combos you prefer more. The question is, how to make your pattern mix look deliberate and not as if you got dressed in the dark or just forgot to do your laundry. I can go own and on, on how to combine prints, but the most bulletproof way is to follow what I call the "Big and Small" rule. All you do is combine a fine and bold prints. This way the two prints wont clash or overpower each other and, they will visually give your look the darker-lighter effect that we are all so used to. 
I will write a full post on print mixing shortly, but for now, I hope this one "rule" helps. 

Outfit Details

Shirt: J. Crew (Similar One / Two) // Skirt: One / Two // Shoes: One /Two /Three // Bag

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