Tassel Bikini and Summer Dress

3:11 PM



Hello Everyone,
I am back after another extended holiday...
I hope everyone had a GREAT Independence Day!
I've shared this look more than once on my Insta page and got A Lot of questions about it. Yes, this is a dress and not a top, although, I would highly recommend turning it into one if you planning on wearing outside the beach... Because, it's Beyond sheer. The under slip is too thin, short and tight. I actually sized up in hopes of making this dress longer, and more flowing, but this decision "back fired" at me. The slip didn't get any looser or longer, but the lacey part of the dress got very wide. I seriously was worried that if I were to move my arms in a certain way, the who-has will fall out. That said, this dress makes the PERFECT beach cover. It's light, bright and super adorable. 

Outfit Details

Bikini Life


Ok, let me start from saying that if this bikini was a man, I would have left Z for it. This is how much I am in love with it. I seriously felt like a celebrity on vacation by the amount of attention I've received. This bikini has the cutest print and style. Although, the top might not be flattering for everyone, since it gives almost no support. It is padded 'tho, so nothing will be showing whenever it gets wet. It's also very well made.

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