Disney's Magical Kingdom in One Day

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So, after almost X0 years (ladies don't talk about their age) my dream had came true. I finally made it to Disney land. And, it is as magical as I ever imagined, and equally disappointing. But, before I started telling you about how my perfect day crashed and burned, let me give you few tips on how to navigate the park like a pro.

First of, you can't do One day trip to  the Disneyland and hope to see everything (no matter how early you'll get there). Magical Kingdom is HUGE! Every turn, every building, every street has something to see or explore. And, the journey begins right on the parking lot. You will first load a golf cart train that will take you from the parking lot to the security check. From which you can take a tram or a boat (we took the boat) that will to the Magic Kingdom park.

When you'll get into the park, don't try to take  those iconic photos in front of the castle. Since, EVERYONE will be trying to take them. All you will end up with is a series of photos of strangers photobombing your every shot. Plus, you can't take photos by standing right in the center of the street. The middle "lane" is reserved for professional Disney photographers, and they will ask you to move. Wait till you are closer to the castle or at an angle. I really loved the spot by the mini garden. There was hardly anyone around and you'll get a shot of the whole castle.

Now, lets talk about rides. Majority of the rides are very "PG". So, if you looking for some blood chilling rides you are not going to find them at the Magic Kingdom. The closest you'll ever get to an "actual" ride is the Space Mountain. Make sure to ride it first, since by the mid-day the wait to get on this ride can exceed 2 hours. Another ride is the Thunder Mountain (it's a small roller coaster). Also, make sure to get on the Buzz Lightyear ride. It's a super fun ride where you get to shoot at aliens while rolling in some type of gocart. Another rides to check out are the Peter Pan and Haunted Mansion. (By the way, make sure to download an app that tells you wait times.)

When it comes to the food expect to pay some magical prices. We ate lunch at Pecos Bill and ended up dissing out 45$ for some nachos and a burger. So, I would HIGHLY recommend brining your own lunch and water. You are allowed to bring a small bag pack, so stuff it full with goodies and have a dinner at the Be Our Guest restaurant later.

If you are going to Disney Land and planning to spend only ONE DAY there, don't be a cheapskate and get a Fast Pass. Trust me, it worth it. That said, we didn't get it... And I am still beating myself over it. What leads to how my perfect day got ruined... I said that my day had crashed and burn, well, I meant to say it got rained on.
So, let me tell you how my day had went... Zack and I got the park and like two 5 year-olds we started aimlessly running around the park, sightseeing and taking pictures. Then we realized that we probably should get on some rides. But, since, we cheaped out on the tickets, we had to wait about 40 min to get on our first ride which was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (it turned out to be boring). Then we rushed off to the Haunted house, since the wait was only 30 min. After that our inner fat kids demanded food, so we got some food (wasting about 25 min on waiting in line for condiments and looking for a place to seat). All together, we probably spent  over 6 hours waiting in lines. 
At about 5pm it started to pour. It poured so hard, that all the rides got shut down. They opened them back up at about 7 and for next 30 min, they let only the holders of the Fast Passes on, while the rest of us waited in line in the rain. At about 8:30 we decided to leave... but as we were walking out, we realized that the light show was still on... So, we had to stay and wait for it. At first Zack wanted to wait inside one of the stores but very quickly changed his mind. Since, wet hair and cloths don't mix well with the refrigerators that are secretly disguised as shops...
The light show and fireworks were AH-MAZING and well worth the wait. Although, the rain kind of dampened the experience, since, it never stopped raining and actually intensified by the end of the show. I purchased a rain poncho earlier in the day, but it didn't do much good.
But the worst part of the whole day was actually LEAVING. As soon as the show ended EVERYONE decided that it's time leave. And, since the park is technically an island with only 2 aforementioned ways of getting of it, the chaos had broke out...It was dark, it was raining and people completely lost it. Everyone literally sprinted towards the exists, while drugging their screaming wet  babies and running each other over with strollers and wrestling with one another for a chance to get to the departure gate first (and out of the rain). When we finally got on the boat, our boat couldn't depart, because there were couple lost children on bridge, and no one knew where their parents were... When we finally got to the "main land", we had to wait another 30 minutes for the Golf Cart Train to take us to the parking lot. We could have walked, but it was about 11pm, my cloths and shoes were wet, I was tired and it was over a mile from the train stop to the parking lot... So, we waited some more... Needless to say, my first trip the magical Kingdom wasn't as magical as I hoped...

Outfit Details

Bag: Chloe // Watch: Daniel Wellington (use code: MKAMARA15 to receive a 15% off  your watch)// Necklace // Sunglasses: Karen Walker (Dupes)


And now lets talk about something yummy. Be sure to eat some Dole Whip before you leave, that's a Disney Staple. I ordered a Dole Whip float. It's a pineapple soft serve and a pineapple juice.  And don't let the size fool you. There is way less ice-cream that it appears to be. So, if you have a sweet tooth and can "put down" those frozen swirls like a champ, don't try to share it.

Yep! That's how disappointment looks like.

Since, I decided to cut down on my sugar consumption (minus the bucket of ice cream I'm holding in the pictures above), I celebrated the National Donut Day by wearing a cute donut print PJ instead.

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