Velvet Joggers + Tory Burch Sale

1:50 PM

Happy Wednesday (I mean Thursday)Everyone!
How about that snow? I couldn't believe my eyes when I woke in the morning to see all the snow reports and texts from my friends about the snow storm on the East coast. (Common weather didn't you get a notice that it's March!) Luckly, we didn't get any of the snow here in Oklahoma, but the temperatures plummeted down to 30s. Which is almost a 50 degree drop since, our spring started back in February and the temps were in high 80s. And once again, I had to go and pull out my sweaters back out.
On a bright side, I got to wear my favorite fuzzy sweater (lets hope for the last time) today. It's an oldy and is currently old out but, I will link few similar options bellow. As for my pants, these beauties "are life". I don't really blog about jogger pants, but in "real life" I practically live in them. I Honestly could never understand why jogger pant fad didn't caught up. They are the most versatile and comfortable style of pants a girl could own. I mean, you practically wearing a sweatpants and getting away with it. So, as a proud supporter and a jogger advocate, I own a whole heap of them. Since, I usually leave house at 7:30am and don't come back home till after 8pm, wearing a restrictive and uncomfortable cloths isn't an option for me.

Outfit Details

Joggers: Zara (One / Two/Three) // Sweater: One/Two // Bag: Chloe Dupe / Chloe // Shoes: One / Two / Three // Earrings: J.Crew (One /Two)

Tory Burch Sale

Here are few of my Favorites from the Tory Burch Sale. I am not quite sure about sizing, since they were selling out of stuff faster than I could send it to my shopping cart.

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