Fringe Cardigan and Floppy Hat

8:24 PM


Hello everyone!
I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since my last post. I think that this have been the longest that I've ever stayed away from this blog. But I really needed some time off to finish up this semester. So, the school is officially out for the next month and now I can start on my Christmas shenanigans. Can you believe I still don't have my Christmas tree up?! At this point I am really debating whether to even put it up. Also, remember I mentioned something about video channel, well, I think it's happening. I will share all the links and details as soon as I will finish setting it all up. 

Outfit Details

Cardigan: ONE/TWO /THREE // Boots: ONE/TWO/THREE //  Hat: ONE/TWO // Bag: Valentino // Jeans: ONE/TWO  Earrings: ONE Necklace: ONE/TWO  T-Shirt :ONE/TWO


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