Bodysuits and Heart Shaped Glasses

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Guess who is back to be an adult?
If you follow me on IG, you already know that we spent all last week in Florida. This trip was a complete spare of the moment. We booked our flight with 4 days to spare and the hotel was booked a day before our departure. So, needles to say, that our hotel choices were pretty limited. We could either go with an overpriced spa hotel where the rooms started at around 350$ a night or a motel with a scenic view of a fire escape. We really wanted to stay on the island, so we ended up hotel hopping. It was a bit of a hustle packing and unpacking practically everyday, but at least we know which hotels to avoid in the feature.

We stayed on the Clearwater Beach Island, which is only one long bridge away from the town of Clearwater. It mainly consists of small brightly colored hotels/motels, small shops and restaurants. So, aside from baking in the sun and a few water related activates there isn't a lot to do in Clearwater Beach.

We attempted to rent a boat, but they denied us, since we were under the age of 31. Zack wanted to do some parasaling, but since I am not a big fan of heights, I refused to go. Jet skis were also a bust,  since they were all rented out both times we went there. So, as activities go, we didn't do anything special. Our time in Clearwater was spent on the beach or behind the table.

Outfit Details

Skirt: VS' (Similar HERE/HERE/HERE) // Hairband: F21 (or HERE)// Watch: Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses: HERE

My bodysuit is sold out, but I linked bunch of fun options bellow

Beach Side

Yes, I brought my flamingo float on our trip. I also tried squeezing the swan float into my suitcase, but sadly, yours truly is a packrat/hoarder, and the only way the swan would have "vacationed" with us if I would have taken out some of the shoes or cloths out of the bag, which is a complete sacrilege in my rulebook.

Outfit Details

Top (Less than 10$) // Bottoms // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban // Flamingo (Only 19.99$)

Also, absolutely in love with all these Leopard Print Bikini

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