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It might come as a surprise to some of you, but I am a very low maintenance girl. I don't use any fancy moisturizers, shower jells, lotions or creams. Bar of natural soap and coconut are the only two products I use. But all that changes when it's time to wash or take care of my hair. I try to use only the best naturally based products. But finding such products can be quit difficult. I mean, I have so many hair products laying around the house, I can probably operate my own beauty shop. And the reason is because I don't simply use or continue using a product just because I bought it. If it isn't working for me, it goes on the shelf, to my friends or in the trash can. I don't play Russian roulette with my hair.
For the past few weeks I've been using this amazing Replenish Masque by Monat and I'm absolutely in love with it. My hair feels softer and less frizzy. I also noticed that my hair don't tangle as much when I try to brush them. But the best part is the smell... All Monat products smell absolutely divine! I swear, if I could bathe in it, I would.
I haven't been using this Monat masque as a masque. Since, my hair is quite damaged, I've been using this Replenish Masque as a conditioner. It's not as greasy as some of the conditioners I own, so it's perfect for the daily use. I know that a lot of hair stylists recommend washing hair only once or twice a week, but I prefer washing mine daily, although, I shampoo only once a week.


If any of you are big fans of all natural soaps, I would recommend to try the Level Natural soap. It's a very nice and gentle soap for all skin types. Sadly, I didn't get to use it much, since Zack decided that he likes it more, and so he stole it from me.
And yes, in our house we have the soap wars.


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