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So, if you like "Shoppiiiiiiiiing" or following any of the fashion, beauty or lifestyle bloggers, then you already know that Nordstrom had kicked of their Anniversary Sale... And the blogosphere is going crazy over it. I, on another  hand, wasn't as impressed with this sale (and I went through every page). So, instead of wasting my time on compiling (virtual) shopping lists with items I don't know anything about and that no one will ever shop, I decided to do my TOP 10 picks. A lot of items I listed below I already own or I own similar options.

So, I am starting of from the Every Girl's Essentials. I mean, as soon as it will get a little cooler outside, you will see the variation on the long top, oversized sweater and a cute scarf practically everywhere. So, stock up on them while they are on sale! (By the way, this scarf is under $12!!!)

This jacket is a staple in my closet, and although, it's not currently on sale, the Light Pink option is. And, oh how I wish I could get myself it in pink too, but my current moto is "You only need ONE"...I'll just have sit and drool when all the other bloggers will be rocking their pink jackets.

"All that glow tho..." This seriously should be my catch phrase. Anyways, the 5th Place goes to the shiny moto jackets. I mean, after seeing these beauties how can you say party and not imagine yourself in one of them... (Personally, I don't need a party to wear mine... I wore to school and out for lunch)

Every girl should own a quilted jacket (well, at least a preppy one). There are several quilted jackets that are currently on sale in price ranges from $100 to Oh My God, my mortgage is less than this jacket. But we shall not talk about the OMG ones... 

Now, I wouldn't be a true college student, if I didn't include a sweatshirt and a pair of shorts to my Top 10 list. I actually own both of these in multiple colors... (but who doesn't... at least the shorts).

Ok! Remember those military jackets and coats that were super hot back in 2004, well, they are baa-ack! And I can't be happier... Because this chicitta has an obsession with military style jackets. And by obsession, I mean there wasn't a military jacket that I could pass by... From Abercrombie to BB Dakota to Alice + Olivia to Marc Jacobs (to name few), I have them all... and let me emphasize on the HAVE them. Aside from the unfortunate few that I had to donate while downsizing and moving, I kept majority of my jackets. So, prepare to see some Michael Jackson action this coming fall.

Bring out your inner bad girl in this classic Moto jacket! Or not... Just bring IT home I guess. This jacket is a bit thicker and stiffer than the previous one and thus, much more suitable for cooler days. So, if you going to get a jacket get this one, since the other one is more of jacket-blazer. 

Not a single Top 10 list can be completed without Tory Boots and Kendra jewelry and mine isn't an exception. These boots are currently 200$ off, so if you are looking to get yourself a pair, I would hardly recommend looking into these.

Last , but not least is this absolutely gorgeous jacket that I've been eyeing since last year. I wish I would have bought the white option before it sold out...

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