70's Flare with Chloe

1:00 AM


Outfit Details

Bag: Chloe (Similar here and here) // Floppy Hat: J. CREW // Watch: Michael Kors // Blazer (Similar) // Jeans: 7 FAM (Similar here and here) // Top: Similar here, here and here // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (40% Off!) // Earrings: (Rocksbox, Get a whole month of designer jewelry for FREE with code: REDDIRTANDGLITTERXOXO)

So, I have no idea how ended up looking all 70-y, since I don't even like this whole Saturday night fever era... (But oh well, lets pretend that's what I was going for) I just randomly pulled a pair of jeans from my "winter" stack, grabbed the first top of the hanger and was out of the door. Then I realized that it was a bit too chilly for short sleeves, so I grabbed this jacket from the back of the chair... and voila! But to be honest, that's pretty much how all my outfits are put together, since, I don't plan them in advance.
We currently live in a 1,000 sq ft condo, so all my cloths are stored in boxes, bags, bins or tightly packed in the tiny closet that I share with Hunny. Same goes for my shoes. They are scattered all over the house. And I mean ALL OVER. They are stacked in boxes under the bed, coach, behind the curtain in the dinning area and even in the laundry closet. I know, 1st world problems... but like Carrie said, "I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet" (or hiding behind the curtain). So, in case of emergency, I will prob have to start ebay-ing my closet, since my savings account is pretty empty. I know, this is not how a woman in her late 20s should live, but I am a sucker for pretty cloths.

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