Red, White and Blue

12:34 AM


Today, I finally got a chance to play a photographer. One of my bestiests of friends  asked me to take few pictures of her and her fiancee. (Btw, does word bestiests exist?) So, off came the wedges and most of make up, instead I armed myself with 2 cameras and a bug spray ('cuz lakes + sunset = monster size mosquitos). Sadly, we didn't get to take many pictures. We were kicked out from the park by security after 30 minutes. And no, it wasn't due indecency or debauchery (we aren't that cool). Apparently the park coloses at 8 pm. Also, bug spray has nothing on the Oklahoma's mutant mosquitos, so beware.
Dress: Asos (Regular/Petite) // Shoes: Tory Burch // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (Blue is on sale) // Sunglasses

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