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After 10 year engagement, my dear friend and his fiance finally tied the knot this Saturday! And the wait was sure worth it (at least for me). The wedding was absolute blast. And by the way, do you think it's hard to shop for a perfect dress to wear to wedding? Try shopping for a dress to wear to a gay wedding where you have to compete with uber fabulous and over the top drag queens! I seriously spent 2 months shopping for this dress. And yes, I am one of those girls who is trying to out compete the bride/groom at her/his own wedding (I have no shame).
Ok, here are few "rules" that I always try to follow when deciding what to wear to some big gathering (or even for a night out).
1. Go for very bright colors. Yellow is usually my very first choice (instant attention grabber). Hot pink and electric blue are also my favorites.
2. Accessorize yourself like a Christmas tree or go for bold jewelery colors. Yellow and blue are one of my favorite combinations (kinda shows). Hot pink and yellow, blue and green will also look really good together. But honestly, any color combos will work.
3. Don't hesitate to add prints to your outfit. Floral or polka dot shoes, leopard clutches, or whatever other print you have hiding at the very back of your closet... Put it on!
All that said, it's always good remember not to go TOO over the top.
Dress: Nordstrom Rack // Shoes: Aldo (sold out) Similar // Clutch: Kate Spade // Watch: Michael Kors

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