Panama Hat and White Dress

1:49 AM


Happy Thursday!
The other day I realized that I'm doing this whole blogging thing incorrectly. For the past six months my posts consisted of snippets of my personal life instead of trying to give fashion or styling advices. So, I guess I will try to "channel" my inner guru and focus on the fashion, rather than the personal aspects.
And talking about fashion, how cute is this dress? At first, I was very hesitate to buy it, since there were a lot of conflicting reviews on the website, but my love for full skirt and shirt dress won over my cautious side. This dress is currently on sale, so I'd say stop by the store and try it, since it runs big (I am wearig 0).  
Dress: LOFT // Hat: J Crew // Shoes // Bag: Tory Burch (mine is older)

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