Double Trouble

3:37 AM

Today's post was suppose to be about amazing artwork from our Anual Art Festival, BUT we missed it! First, I was late to pick these cuties up. Then, we spent forever running around the park. So by the time we  made it to the art area, everyone was loading up. No art, no turkey legs... Honestly, I'm more sad about the leg... I seriously LOOVE them. On the bright side, there should be another art festival in few week, so I shall get me a leg there.
I wasn't really planing on taking pictures of my outfit, but my friend likes doing it so here is the final product... Yours truly in her casual everyday glory..
Short: YA LA // Top: J.CREW //Bag: Rebecca Minkoff // Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff (cheaper here) // Watch: Michael Kors

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