Royal Stripes

7:49 PM

So, my procrastination had backfired. The papers are due tomorrow, and although, i've been working on them daily since sunday, they are nowhere near to be finished. I have two case studies half finished,and the end of the semester report/presentation not even started. I have this aweful suspicion that i'll be pulling an all nighter today. The worse part of it all is that I am sick (on my death bed type of sick). So, life kinda sucks at this moment. (And ya... I am taking a 20 min break to eat and blog)
Skirt: ASOS (If you are on the taller and curvier side, I suggest going for a bigger size. My skirt is size 4 Tall, and is obviously a bit too snag ) <Same Skirt in Petite>// Jacket (similar here) // Top: J.CREW(Similar and under 9$)// Bag: Tory Burch (love this) // Watch: Marc Jacobs

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