Relax, Take it easy...

2:00 AM

I love joggers! They are the second greatest invention after jeans. Joggers the best cheat pants ever. I mean, when can you wear a pair of pjs to work (or to the mall), and not get labeled as "person from walmart"?
And while we are talking about loving things... I love watching cooking shows, but MOST of the time I have no idea what they are talking about. And I am not talking about ethnic cuisines and weird vegies. It's the weird words they are using to describe things. For instance how do they expect a normal person to know what the word "gastrique" means?  Well, after 10 minutes of  googling (since I had no idea how to spell it) I figured that it's carmalized sugar deglazed with viniger.
Top: J.Crew // Bag: Boohoo // Hat: H&M // Joggers: (old F21) <Similar>// Shoes: Sperry's (not available in mint and yellow)

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