Black and Pink

11:42 PM


So, the other day I was at the BestBuy trying to see if they can repair my camera at their GeekSquad (by the way, they can't), and then my "spidey sense" started to tingle. And by "spidey sense", I mean my Louboutin/Chanel radar, because I swear, I can smell them from other side of the road. So, I turn around, and see this girl in nude Pigalles in the laptop alley and my moth instantly waters. I have several pairs of Louboutin, and even the ever coveted So Kates, but none of them are nudes! And I really want some nudes! (I think it's easier to get the president on the phone, than pigalles on my feet.) Nevertheless, I am finishing up with the GeekSquad when from the corner of my eye I notice a train wreck. If you haven't guessed, the train wreck was the girl in Louboutins. I don't know if it was her first time wearing heels, or what, but she looked like a Bambi on ice. By the time she made it to the checkout, I was barely holding myself from tackling her down, ripping those poor babies of her feet and springing for the doors.

On other note, we tried messing with the camera settings, and I think we screwed up on the white balance. We've been taking pictures for almost 6 months now, and still can't get pictures to come out sharp and bright.
Hat: H&M// Pants: H&M// Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (not available in nude anymore)// Shoes: Zara (Similar) // Watch: Michael Kors

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