Sequins and Reds

12:50 AM


So, I just had this weird revelation, Why do people associate Tea with England? I do understand that Brits love their tea, but what about Russians? Tea is probably the main source of fluids in Russia. Aside from an occasional cup of coffee in the morning Russians drink tea all day long, with the meal, after the meal, or even turning a tea break into a small lunch. Russians went as far as inventing a "self-boiler" (Samovar). So, I think Russians should be given more credit when it comes to tea drinking.
And now about my outfit. I honestly didn't plan on matching my sweater and top to the bag so closely. I never plan my outfits in advance. I just grab whatever catches my eye first and off I go. And today, my outfit was a prime example of I wore what a saw. My mom got me this sweater, and I couldn't wait to wear it. So while putting make on, I thought I'll pair it up with white blouse and dark blue jeans. But when I started digging my closet, I couldn't find them, so here I am, grabbing whatever literally came crashing on my head.
Sweater: J. Crew // Shoes: Steve Madden (on sale for ONLY 39$!)
Leggings: AE  // Bag: Kate Spade (Love this one) 

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