2:38 AM


Wearing my leopard print heels for the second time this week. I thought I'll jump on the "leopard is the new nude" wagon by pairing them with whatever I decide to wear. But, I can't say I am too found of it... I think any type of prints give an outfit some character, but in no way "nudes" can be substituted with prints.
By the way, sorry about messy and cow-licked hair. It's always windy in Oklahoma, and thus, it's almost impossible to get a good shot where hair stay in place. We usually take multiples of the same pose, and then I go through the pictures and pick the most presentable. But today we were short on time, so it was one of those... "1, 2, 3.. Go!", and so the choices of "presentabulness" (yeah, I just made this word up) were very scarce.
Bag: Tory Burch (mine is older)//Dress: J Crew (Similar here and here)// Jacket (similar here and here)// Shoes: Steve Madden (still on sale)// Bracelets: Pandora and 28Four // Glasses: Fendi

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