Into the Gray

1:03 AM

Haha! My Face...epic...(But seriously, look at those bags under my eyes... can't wait for the 4 day weekend!)

I really wanted to go the mini pier/fishing dock we have at the lake Hefner and watch the birds after lunch, but again, the weather had failed me. It was super windy, and rainy, and uber cold. At least, I was prepared this time.
This outfit was inspired by my teenage "movie" crush- Blair Waldorf. I was beyond obsessed with her and the Gossip Girl show when it first came out. I even purchased few dress I saw on Blair (like this one). I also, got my mom and my best friend hooked on it, and we used to spend hours discussing the cloths, plot, and drooling over Chuck Bass.
Top: J. Crew // Boots: Hunter //Jacket: J.CREW <Similar>// Bag: Mulberry

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