Sudio Headphones and Nike Flex

8:37 PM

Funding a pair of good pair of quality headphones could be a bit difficult, since there are literally  hundreds of headphones on the market. And I am not going to exaggerate when I say that I tried a big majority of them. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I burn though my headphones like crazy. On average, I have to buy a new pair every month, and thus I decided to sacrifice the quality, in favor for the cheaper price.
But recently, I was offered to try the Sudio Sweeden headphones, and OMG, the difference was like nigh and day. It is really hard to tell how bad the headphones are until you compare them to a higher quality once. And these VASA Sudio Sweeden headphones put my old once to shame. They are also extremely cute with the rose gold accents that match my iPhone. But the best part, is that I had them for a month already, and they still work! So, if you are looking to buy a moderately priced pair of headphones, I would recommend looking into Sudio Sweeden brand. They have a variety of high quality headphones, including the wires options. Use code reddirtandglitter to get 15% off your order.
By the way, I had several comments and messages about my body and fintess. And I want to thank you all for the kind words. All my life I struggled with being overweight. At some point I wore size 16 and weighted almost 200lb. But with hard work and good eating habits, I was able to bring it down to size 4. So for all of you guys who are currently on the path of healther life, and don't see the instant results, don't get discouraged. It took me almost 3 years to get where I am at now. So don't believe those adds that you see on internet about looking like VS's model in just few short months is a lie.

Outfit Deatails

Running Shoes: Nike // Top: Nike (Similar here and here) // Leggings: Underamour (Similar here and here)// Watch: Daniel Wellington // Sport Bra: F21

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