White Water Bay

2:20 AM

Hi lovelies,
Isn't it funny how the whole blogosphere is buzzing with fall looks and styles, and I am still running around in flip-flops and bikinis. In my defense, I can't think of jackets and sweaters when it's still 100F outside. And talking about bikinis... My gorgeous white bikini was an absolute hit this weekend at the water park. And I am not even surprised. The cut and style are extremely flattering without being overly sexy. The top isn't padded, so nothing is bulging (or falling) out, but it's cut low enough to show what your mama gave you. And the low rise bottoms give you plenty of coverage without looking like a diaper. And of course the color... I think there is nothing more attractive than white swimsuits and tanned skin. I have several white bikinis, but by far this one is my favorite.

By the way, I am sure no one is surprised that I am wearing another jumpsuit. As the queen of onesies, I couldn't overlook this beauty. Wide legs, exposed back and fun print... I just couldn't resist.

The best thing, is that everything I am wearing is currently on sale at boohoo.com! And if you think that it's too late for swimsuits and beach wear, boohoo has a lot of fall friendly pieces for extremely reasonable price. They had always been my go to store for trendy but inexpensive cloths.

 Swimsuit: c/o Boohoo // Sunglasses:c/o Boohoo // Jumpsuit c/o: Boohoo // Flip-flops: J.Crew // Headband: F21



Meet my partner in crime, my best friend and the face behind the camera in a lot of my pictures.
P.S. I love water parks! I mean where else can a grown up act extremely imature without getting judged. So we spent all day fighting with little kids about whose turn it is to go down the water slides, ate crazy things like funnel cake toped with ice cream, whipped cream and strawberry syrup and just goofed around.

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