Retro Bikini

12:21 AM

Hi Lovlies,
Can you believe, I am actually making a blog post about bikinis? With Pictures! But, I just had to say something about the current fad of wearing retro-style bikinis. We all can agree, that they are absolutely gorgeous! The prints are adorable and the cuts are very feminine. But, when it comes to the fit, I  have to completely disagree with the notion that high wasted bikinis are flattering.

My friend and I purchased several bikinis that featured high wasted bottoms, and all of them didn't look right on (we even tried switching). The high waste cut my body in half making my torso look funny. And, the bottoms which were too big looked like a diaper.... literally. But the worse thing, I looked at least 5lbs heavier. My friend was also disappointed with the fit. She said she looked "like a box" (her words not mine). So ya, this cut doesn't do anything for my self confidence. I guess I'll just stick to my old low-riser bottoms.

Bikini // Top: c/o Triple Thread // Hat: J.Crew // Drink Holder

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