The Netflix Gear

12:16 AM


Today my outfit consists of high school relics and the "house wear". Not very glitzy or glamorous, I know. Honestly, I wasn't planning on going anywhere today, and especially taking pictures of my outfit. All I wanted was to lay on the couch, watch Netflix and wallowing in sorrow( 'cuz I lost my phone)... But then my friend came over and forced me off the couch... So much for a lazy day... And then she wanted to take pictures... At least I scored a free Pumpkin Spice Latte
And so, my OOTD consists of the "Netflix gear" + jacket I had since senior year of HS...
Coat (Very similar and only 29$)// Sweater: J.Crew (Purple sold out, available in 4 other colors Pink)// Jeans: AE // Scarf: J CREW (Similar here and here)

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