Cozy Sweater and Over the Knee Boots

11:11 PM


And so, I missed out on Black Friday Sales. I had to work on Friday and didn't make it to the mall till 6 pm, when all the sales were over or all the cool things sold. So the only things I purchased last night were the cheap ikea shelf (which my friend and I didn't put right together, and now it's standing like a leaning tower of Pisa) and these boots. And talking about these boots, I have no idea what brand they are. The were inside Vince Camuto box, but they aren't VC. All I have is a style and size. So If anyone recognizes these, please let me know.
Sweater: Forever21 / Jeans: Hudson / Bag: ASOS/ Boots: Unknown <Similar here and here> / Hat: Boohoo <Available only in Grey and Black at the moment>


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