Rain, Rain Go Away...

12:46 AM

Today was a day of total disappointments. For once, I woke early (and 10 am on Saturday morning is early for me), got dressed, spent 40 minutes straightening, then curling my hair, just to get a message from my BFF that "something" came up and she can't make it. So to cheer me up, my hunny offered to make to lunch and then to the park to feed cats. To make story short, lunch sucked (because of the food and not my hunny bunny), and so did the park. It was foggy/rainy, so goodbye curls, hello mush. Someone scratched "the King" (my car). To top it all, I realized I had a paper due that night. And yes, My favorite jeans make me look 10lbs heavier.
 I know I sound bratty, but I have an OCD about following "the plan", and when things don't go as I planned, I start going crazy.
Vest: Gianni Bini (OLD) <Similar here and here>/ Shirt: F21(sold out) <Similar> /Jeans: <True Relgion >/ Boots: Coach <Love this and this>/Bag: Tory Burch: (Old) <Similar>

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